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Cal-Cup 2022

SoCal vs. NorCal in Fresno

Fresno, CA, WPH Press, 10/18/22

The SoCal vs. NorCal showdown was held at Fresno’s Valley Fitness on the second Saturday in October, featuring many of the best pro, open, and master’s players representing their half of The Golden State.

Team SoCal, represented by top 20 R48 pro Dylan Hernandez, Daniel Badillo, and John A. Bike clinched the title against NorCal, winning nine of the thirteen matches.

The feature singles matches pitted SoCal’s Dylan Hernandez against NorCal’s Hugo Lopez and SoCal’s and SoCal’s John A. Bike against Javier Badillo. Hernandez ousted Lopez in two games, while Javier Badillo overcame Bike in two games. “Javier is definitely the hardest hitter I’ve ever faced,” stated future R48 star John Bike. “Javier takes a short swing but hits everything with a lot of power.”

Team SoCal’s Dylan Hernandez teamed with his good friend Daniel Badillo to defeat NorCal’s Fernando Dia and Javier Badillo in the event’s showcase doubles match.

SR48 star George Garcia teamed with John Bike in the second doubles match to defeat Luis Bustos and Augustine Martinez. “The kid is playing good,” barked Garcia in reference to his doubles partner. “But what else would we expect with so much talent in the family!”

“We dominated the SoCal/NorCal Cup,” stated Hernandez. “Great event.

“The event was very fun,” stated Jab Bike. “It was fun to play and be part of a team in handball. There was definitely some extra motivation to win matches because of the team aspect.”

Huge thanks to tournament directors Tom Martinez ( South Captain)and Tom Fitzwater ( North Captain )and Mike Flores for organizing a great event.

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer


NORCAL – Javier Badillo over John Bike Jr. 9, 16
SOCAL – Dillon Hernandez/Daniel Badille over Javier Badillo/Fernando Diaz 18, 11
SOCAL – George Garcia/John Bike Jr over Luis Bustos/Augustine Martin 6, (20), 1
SOCAL – Dillon Hernandez over Hugo Lopez 13, 4
NORCAL – Luis Bustos/Augustine Martin over Marco Coromac/Luis Gaytan 13, 10
SOCAL – Jacob Garcia/Brian Median over Hugo Lopez/Angelo Mendez 20, (11), 6
NORCAL – Lefty Suarez over Manny Carbajal 11, 15
NORCAL – Left Suarez/Tom Fitzwater over Manny Carbajal/Jimmy Ramierez (15), 8, 8
SOCAL – Manny Resendez/Larry Boronua over Angel Hernandez/Patrick Gonzales 11, 12
SOCAL- Joe Castro over Ron Strausbaugh (18), 16, 1
SOCAL – Joe Castro/Greg Demos over Mike Linnik/Ron Strausbaugh 10, 17
SOCAL – Tavo Martinez/Rob Nichols over Mike Vane/Roberto Chavez 10, 11
SOCAL – Daniel Badillo over Fernando Diaz 18, 15
3 2010 NORCAL win at South End Rowing Club, San Francisco
2012 SOCAL win at Los Angeles Athletic Club, Los Angeles
2014 NORCAL win at South End Rowing Club, San Francisco
2016 SOCAL win at Fit Republic, Fresno
2018 NORCAL win at Fit Republic, Fresno